About Us

This is the not-for-profit definitive directory of Canadian groups concerned with the continued support of children's relationships with both parents after divorce, separation or for fathers and mothers who never lived married or lived in a  common law relationship.

It includes father's rights groups, grandparent's rights groups, second spouse groups, divorce support groups and advocates for shared equal parenting responsibilities and/or a significant child-parent relationship with both biological parents.

There is no charge for listings.

Nearly all of the individuals and groups listed support  "Equal Shared Parenting".

We suggest that groups link to this page to rather than have out-of-date links pages and to eliminate duplicate efforts. We will try to confirm this information  quarterly and make updates as provided in a timely manner.

The purpose of this directory is to assist people looking for local groups to join for support and advocacy.


For email addresses, we put "-(at)-" to replace the use @   sign for all email addresses shown on this website to reduce spamming. We don't list actual linkable email addresses.  We may make changes relating to email address listing methods from time to time as we see fit for the purpose of attempting to stop spam.