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This is the not-for-profit definitive directory of Canadian groups concerned with the continued support of children's relationships with both parents after divorce, separation or for fathers and mothers who never lived married or lived in a  common law relationship.

It includes father's rights groups, grandparent's rights groups, second spouse groups, divorce support groups and advocates for shared equal parenting responsibilities and/or a significant child-parent relationship with both biological parents.

Name: Military Families For Equal Parenting
Contact: Mr. Patrice Deschenes, founder
Address: 40 Charlotte Lane No 408, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B3M 4N4
Telephone: (902) 405-0390
Email: united-(at)    replace the "-(at)-" with @

MFEP is a group uniting active or retired military members who are going or went through a separation where children are involved. Despite the fact that the military offers quality support for serving members, it stops short when it is time to take positions on custody arrangements, support with legal actions to obtain shared parenting and doing active advocacy to promote Equal parenting.

MFEP is a private citizen initiative and is dedicated to work with CEPC to attain divorce law reform and push Bill C-422 through the legislative agenda.

Military members suffer not only of the usual actual judicial system biases, but in addition are victims of the stigma created by the need for them to deploy several months a year.

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